Welcome to my website. You can find the following on it.
  • a philosophy explaining the meaning of life and the Universe
  • a tired light concept instead of expansion redshift
  • an ether theory instead of special relativity
  • an ether theory explaining the two-slit experiment in quantum mechanics
  • gravity as a repulsive force instead of an attracting force
  • cosmic microwave background radiation as the equilibrium temperature of the Universe
  • an infinite (in time and space) universe instead of big bang cosmology
  • old galaxies becoming the centers of new galaxies
  • old galaxies becoming AGNs
  • radio loud AGNs converting heavy elements into hydrogen
  • pulsars as pulsating objects instead of fast rotating objects
  • white dwarfs as stars with a big core of heavy elements
  • stars coming to existence by gas assembling itself around objects with much heavy elements
  • solar systems coming to existence by objects (future planets) swinging themselves around stars